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Does dealing with your difficult mother cause you anxiety?

Here is a Free meditation I created just for you.

Soothe your Anxiety and Step into your New Life of Possibility

You just had a fight/tense exchange/ disagreement with your difficult mother.

You come away feeling angry and resentful or alternately guilty and sad.

What can you do with these bad feelings?

How do you shake the negative emotions that linger and eat you up?

Do you have trouble letting the bad feelings go?

You need a way to find peace and get back to your own life?

You need a way to reset, calm the anxiety, and cool the anger and come home to yourself.

Here is what I know.

At the core of your good daughter problems is the chronic focus on ‘the other’. You can’t change her but you can come back home to yourself.

This guided meditation brings you back to center, home to your essential self.

Through the brain wave inducing sound track and the hypnotic words designed especially for you, the good daughter, you will recenter and access the healing power you have within yourself.

This Self-Centering Meditation is the foundation of healing the mother wound with feminine energy.

Shift your consciousness &
Let the healing begin

Katherine Fabrizio M.A., L.P.C.

I’m Katherine Fabrizio, M.A., L.P.C., specializing in treating the daughter trapped in the role of the “Good Daughter” of the Narcissistic Mother for 30 years.Daughters Rising | Facebook Page

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    Listen to the meditation

    • Soothe your Anxiety and Step into your New Life of Possibility