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In 5 weeks Heal From the Good Daughter Syndrome 

Understand. Find Your Voice. Take Control.

A step by step guide:

Break out of the Good daughter trap-

Understand your Difficult Mother and the role of the Good Daughter- why she is the way she is and what effect she has on you.

  • Find your Voice and stop erasing yourself with I’m sorry and It’s O.K.-what to do instead.
  • Stop People Pleasing & Live from intention
  • Stand Up To Your Difficult Mother-scripts to help you know what to say and how to prepare.
  • Become Your Own Woman- take control of your own life -you have waited so long. It is your turn now.




By getting back in touch with your own voice you will find a power beyond your wildest dreams. No matter how long you have stifled that voice. She is still there waiting for you to claim her. To tell her truth. To give her life. 

By playing the role of the Good Daughter you have carried out an agenda that is not entirely your own. You have held yourself down and held yourself back in ways that are still hidden to you. 

You were never meant to carry another’s burden yet kindness and compassion has claimed you in unhealthy ways. You have given too much. Given at the expense of your own life, your own voice. It is time to become conscious. Step out of the dark and into your power. 


  •  14 Videos You will watch that will touch you and connect deeply with you as the “Good Daughter” as you become conscious.
  • PDF transcripts - highlighting the important points- so there is no need to take notes.
  • Worksheets to make the work your own. You will bring the changes right into your life as you find your voice and become your own woman.


As a recovered Good Daughter, I feel your pain and I know the way home. I’ve raised 2 adult daughters and still speak regularly with my mother. I wouldn’t recommend anything I haven’t done myself.

Having counseled hundreds of Good Daughters I also know there isn’t only one-way. Every Good Daughter has to find what works for her.


- You have slammed the door shut forever, see MOM every day or fluctuate between the two.

-You have had therapy but still struggle

-You don't need therapy but you do need some help

I do know this. Addressing your relationship with your mother, the one living or the one living inside your head is the single most important thing you can do to feel more powerful and happier in your life.

“ Overcoming the Good Daughter Syndrome course came at just the right time for me. I moved to the other side of the world to escape my overbearing mother and now I'm preparing for a month-long trip home. Overcoming the Good Daughter Syndrome has allowed me to identify why my mother does what she does and it's diffused a lot of the resentment I held towards her. It's allowed me to be compassionate of her pain. More importantly, it's helped me identify the ways that I contribute to the dynamic, because in the end I can't change her, only myself. I now feel like I have the tools to identify the problematic behaviors and react appropriately to take back control of my life.

Doing Overcoming the Good Daughter Syndrome course has been the most transformative course I have ever done. I feel like a fog that covered my whole life has finally been lifted. I now feel confident that I won't fall into the usual traps, I feel empowered to identify my needs and set boundaries to protect those needs without feeling guilty or resentful.

I have already put the techniques into use over the phone. I got the expected push-back (it's uncanny how Katherine knows almost word for word what she'll say) and still held my ground with good humor. Afterwards I gave myself a big high five for successfully navigating a situation that would have had me in pieces before. That feeling is priceless! I can see the techniques I learned will help me in other personal and business relationships too. For the first time in my life I look forward to stating my needs, and I can feel my self-esteem growing every time I take control of a situation.”

Sarah Kok

Katherine Fabrizio M.A., L.P.C.

I’m Katherine Fabrizio, M.A., L.P.C., specializing in treating the daughter trapped in the role of the “Good Daughter” of the Narcissistic Mother for 30 years.Daughters Rising | Facebook Page

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Module 1: The Difficult Mother & The Good Daughter

    • Understanding the Difficult Mother & The Role of the Good Daughter

    • Is the Difficult Mother Evil or Wounded - A New Approach?

    • Degrees of Difficulty

    • Dig Deeper

  • 3

    Module 2: Finding your voice. Becoming Your Own Woman

    • Are You Explaining Yourself Away?

    • Letting Go of Explaining Yourself

    • Protecting the Powerful Yes

    • How to Protect the Powerful Yes with a Protective No

    • Dig Deeper

  • 4

    Module 3: From People Pleaser to Becoming Your Own Woman

    • The Apology and it's Okay Dilemma

    • What to do Instead of Apologizing

    • From People Pleaser to Becoming Your Own Woman

    • Protecting Yourself and Letting Go of People Who Treat You Badly

    • Dig Deeper

  • 5

    Module 4: Standing Up to the Difficult Mother

    • Setting Boundaries with Mom

    • Getting Your House In Order--In Order to Leave Home

    • Standing Up with Both Kindness and Strength

    • Dig Deeper

  • 6

    What Next?

    • Moving Forward


5 star rating

Thank you, Katherine, for the wisdom of RISE!

Joy Campagna

Katherine, I just wanted to tell how much I gleaned from RISE. It was a course filled with wisdom and spoken with gentle words. Your energy is strong, yet ...

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Katherine, I just wanted to tell how much I gleaned from RISE. It was a course filled with wisdom and spoken with gentle words. Your energy is strong, yet not over powering. You are able to convey your concepts in a brief, yet deeply meaningful way. I enjoyed the relatively short segments, especially when dealing with this heavy material. I had seen many other videos on Youtube and they seemed too long, even at only 25 minutes, as it takes time to digest and incorporate all these new ideas. I appreciated how you know that this is all very much new to us daughters of narcissistic mothers and it will take time and many mistakes to make lasting changes. Yes, setting boundaries are important, but it's the deep work that needs to be done underneath in order to keep enforcing those boundaries. Thank you for the worksheets also, as it reinforces in black and white, what we need to be focusing on. Thank you for all your work to put this inspiring course together! I truly enjoyed it and have, and will continue to, benefit from your help. Gratefully, Joy Campagna

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5 star rating